Elevate has been on the leading edge of this developing technology for the past 6 years employing licensed pilots, and carrying special liability insurance. Elevate is proud to have collaborated with local and national clients such as ESPN and Bassmasters, as well as partnered with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Defense.







Our cinematography service includes real estate, filming, tourism, documentary, live events, commercials and more. Use aerial video as a memorable stand-alone product or blend it into a full-blown production; either way, Elevate wants to get the shots you've been looking for. Captured in 4K you are left with stunning video.    

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Tourism

  • Surveying

  • Agriculture

  • City Planning

  • Commericals



We provide high-resolution photography of landscape, real estate, commercial, live event, documentaries, and more... 

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Tourism

  • Surveying

  • Agriculture

  • City Planning

  • Commericals


Our mapping services include agricultural mapping, surveying, documenting construction progress, data collection, stockpile measurements, environmental monitoring, animal population management, disaster area analysis, and more...




We are proud to provide inspections for buildings, wind turbines, solar panels, power lines and utilities, telecommunications towers, roofing, insurance claims, agricultural crop inspections, disaster aftermath, vent stack inspections, property inspections, and more...


Remote Pilots License with a UAS rating

Elevate employs CFR Part 107 Licensed Remote Pilots with a sUAS rating. This is required by the FAA for any UAS operations that are not solely for your personal enjoyment. By only employing Licensed pilots we are able to provide potential clients with the safe, accountable, and legal way to collect the imagery or data that they need.


UAS liability insurance

UAS are not perfect. Just like planes, and helicopters, there is always the possibility that something can occur midflight and gravity will overtake the UAS. We are insured with a special UAS liability insurance that covers the risk of a UAS falling out of the sky. Should property become damaged or personnel injured. One of the largest benefits of utilizing a UAS is that there is no risk to anyone on board should an incident occur.


Since we are also under the jurisdiction of the FAA, all damages in excess of $500 or any injuries that require a hospital visit must be reported within 10 days to the FAA. This will launch an investigation as to whether or not everything was done to prevent this unfortunate incident.


Weather Safety

Weather conditions are ever-changing and can have a direct impact on the ability to fly and the duration of those flights. We will work with you to the best of our abilities to find a day or time frame that will allow for safe operations. Since we do not control the weather the Licensed Remote Pilot in Command (PIC) is responsible for assessing the weather conditions on location and will decide if it is safe of not to fly. If our pilots are not comfortable we will remain on the ground, and not risk damage or injury. Safety is our top priority. Elevate reserves the right to cancel flights at any time due to weather-related issues.


Flight Restriction Safety

Flight restrictions and temporary flight restrictions are off limits unless the party responsible has written permission. Up to 90 days could be required to work out all of the logistics of an operation in controlled airspace so please contact us as early as possible to begin the process. Restricted airspace may include but is not limited to, sporting events, presidential travel, VIP personnel, power plants, correctional institutions, schools, airports, helipads, military bases, national parks, wildfires, disaster sites, etc.


Airspace Safety

There is a significant amount of airspace that is controlled by Airports, or the Military, and there are also numerous areas that are restricted airspace. We work in connection with any controlled airspace to obtain permission and clearance before the flight. It is up to Air Traffic Control (ATC) to grant permission for flights conducted in their controlled area. If ATC does not grant permission to Elevate, flight in their airspace is not an option. The goal of Elevate and the FAA is to maintain a safe airspace for both manned and unmanned aircraft. We will not fly without permission as it is needed for the safety and liability of everyone involved. 


Environment Safety

We attempt to become as familiar with a location prior to any scheduled flights. This requires an address or point of reference to locate by digital maps to get a general idea of what permanent obstructions or hazards may be in our operating area. Similar to weather conditions, when our Remote Pilot in Command (PIC) arrives on the location they will assess any nearby obstacles and determines if it is safe to fly. Elevate reserves the right to cancel flights at any time due to unsafe flying conditions created by nearby obstacles or persons.




What areas do you service?

We are located in Western Wisconsin and service Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, and Northern Iowa. We are capable and willing to travel to any location to meet our client's needs.


What is a UAS?

A UAS stands for Unmanned Aerial System. This is the term that the FAA has given remote controlled airplanes and drones. 


What about safety?

Safety is our most important concern. We understand that these UAS' are tools and not toys, the safety of others and their property is paramount. Our pilots are FAA certified and licensed and are dedicated to following local, state, and national laws. Our Pilots also utilize the full support system of visual observers and flight operators as each project requires.


How far can you fly?

Our flight distance is limited by the visual light of sight of the Pilot in Command (PIC) or a visual observer within radio contact. Our flight ceiling is also restricted to 400ft. above ground level. Requests to exceed these restrictions can be made but are not a guarantee.


How long can your UAS fly?

On average we can fly 15-20* minutes per battery (and yes we have more than one). We are also able to charge batteries on location via outlets or vehicles for additional flight time throughout the course of a project.

*flight times will vary based on temperature, wind, and other variables.


Are you Insured?

Yes, we are insured with special coverage for liability and damage. We are also insured with standard production insurance.


What if something goes wrong?

Our Pilots have been trained to analyze situations and pass good judgment on whether or not a mission is safe to fly. If however there is an issue mid-flight the PIC will stop all flights immediately and assess the situation. In the case that our UAS falls (yes it does happen) or accidentally strikes something/one we are required by law to report to the FAA within 10 days incidents causing $500+ of property damage, or hospital visitation for injuries. This will then launch an investigation from the FAA into the operating procedures and judgment calls. This is A) not fun, and B) something we never want to deal with. Safety is our #1 concern!


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