When it comes to aerial video we take the expertise in knowing how camera movement works and how to use it with the freedom of being able to utilize 6 degrees of movement to tell your story in a powerful and meaningful way. 



Start you commercial off with a unique establishing shot of your workplace or show off the service you provide in the field from angles that previously would wreck most budgets. Aerial video increases your production value and can give you the edge of showing your clients and potential customers what sets you apart in a creative and breath taking way.

Minnesota Flexible Corporation
Waterloo Heights Dental



MFC is a leading fabricator of industrial and hydraulic hose, fittings, and formed tube products. We market our products throughout North America to various industrial and commercial customers. Visit MFC to learn more!

If you have general dentistry, family dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry needs in the West Salem area, we are the dental office for you! Call us to make your dentist appointment today and ask about our special, new patient deals. Visit Waterloo Heights Dental to learn more!

Tourism has endless possibilities to utilize aerial video to showcase the community you live in. All of a sudden all of your landmarks and outdoor activities take on a cinematic quality that you expect to see in movies, but in Your project! 

Lake Geneva Canopy Tours
Boscobel Wisconsin

Real Estate


An Eco Adventure on 100 acres for everyone! Zip Line Canopy Tour, High Ropes Excursion, Hiking and Mountain Biking + Team Building. Visit Lake Geneva Canopy Tours to learn more!

The Boscobel Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Boscobel area so that its citizens and all areas of its business community including the Boscobel Developers and tourism shall prosper. Visit Boscobel to learn more!

For Real Estate videos accent the proper you are selling not only with high-quality interior video but also show off the exterior and the surrounding property with a view from the sky! Aerial video combines nicely with ground footage to give you a Hollywood level production value.

Cindy Gerke and Associates
Castle Realty

Our Cindy Gerke REALTORS® are ready to help you with all your real estate needs. We are a full-service real estate company and a market leader in the tri-state area of La Crosse Wisconsin, and areas of Minnesota. Visit Cindy-Gerke and Associates to learn more!

Castle Realty, LLC Real Estate Agents! Search for your home "Castle" using our free MLS search engine. Let us find your Castle. Visit Castle Realty to learn more!

Live Events


Live events can sometimes have difficulty showing how popular and visited their event is. With an aerial view you get a view from above the heads of all of our guests. You don’t have to worry about legal obstacles, we are well aware of what needs to be done to legally and safely provide you with the view you need.

Dragon Boat Race

Ideal Wedding Video is a wedding videography company based in La Crosse, WI. Visit Ideal Wedding Video to learn more!

Equal parts sporting event and spectacle, dragon boating is a team sport that has its roots in ancient China. In the last 25 years, dragon boating has been revitalized and is one of the fastest-growing watersports in the world. A dragon boat is a long, colorful boat, similar to a racing canoe. Each boat is propelled by a crew of 20 paddlers, a drummer and steer person. Races take place in heats on courses ranging from 250 to 1,000 meters. Visit Big Blue Dragon Boat Festival to learn more!

Living for Liz

 La Crosse Skyrockers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, 100% volunteer organization that performs fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects (SPFX) as a community service in the La Crosse, Wisconsin USA area. Our group has a history going back to the year 1929 when we were known informally as the “Fireworks Committee” for many of the Independence Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations in the City. Visit La Crosse Skyrockers to learn more!

LIVING FOR LIZ was Established in 2012 and is a 501(c)3 organization in honor of Elizabeth Holman-Melde. In September of 2011, Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. She was only 25 years old, a non-smoker and a newlywed. Seven short months after Elizabeth’s diagnosis, she passed away. Visit Living for Liz to learn more!



Documentaries can have a whole new dimension added to their story with gathering vast views and a perspective of birds.

The Jewel in the Woods

In 1958 Seth Peterson hired Frank Lloyd Wright to build him and his fiancé a cottage in Wisconsin. Both Frank Lloyd Wright and Seth Peterson passed away before the completion of the cottage, and the land was passed on to the government. Thirty years later Joyce Kult wrote an article, saving the cottage from being destroyed. Now, in 2016 the cottage serves as a historical land mark as the most architecture per square in Frank Lloyd Wright's illustrious career. Visit The Jewel in the Woods to learn more!



Filming a short or long format feature or tv series can now have the epic aerial views without having the expense, headache, and stress of renting manned aircraft. With the ability to have a dedicated pilot and a dedicated camera operator it is a breeze to work on set with directors, and DP’s while also offering the opportunity for the client to watch a live camera view of what is being recorded.

The Pause Project

One word, Pause, as a means to get teenagers to Pause and think about their actions and the consequences that follow. Creating awareness to the dangers of teenage drinking and driving is the first step to preventing senseless accidents and tragedies. The Pause Project is a tool for making this change. Visit The Pause Project to learn more!

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