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Video content is seen as one of the most effective communication tools in the digital era. Videos can be of various lengths and types, but all videos have one goal: to convey a message. The right video production company can help you create powerful videos to help your customers understand your product and communicate your business goals. At Elevate, we feel that if you’re going to put your brand and money on the line, it should be worth it.


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Commercials for TV


As a TV commercial production company, Elevate Media Group produces TV-ready advertisements that engage and inform your audience. Our team of experienced TV ad agency professionals can write a concept that meets your needs or put your idea into production. In order to connect with your viewers, it's important for your commercial videos to be impactful and memorable. We shoot all of our TV commercial content in 4K resolution, ensuring that it looks great no matter how it's distributed. With years of experience working in the television field, we know what works and how to ensure a smooth post-production process. Whether you need a TV commercial script writing, casting, or production services, we have the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality results.

TV commercials have a high level of recall, with about 80% of viewers being able to recall the brand or product advertised in a commercial they saw within the last 30 days. (Nielsen)



TV commercials can help increase brand awareness and reach by showcasing your products or services to a large audience.


TV commercials can help drive conversions and sales by highlighting the benefits and value of your products or services in a compelling and engaging way.


TV commercials can help improve customer engagement and loyalty by providing a memorable and emotional connection with your audience.


Online Video Advertising


Video is a highly effective way to attract and engage website visitors. A video on your website's home page helps consumers quickly understand your message and holds their attention, resulting in better SEO. To maximize the impact of your video, it's important to plan and prepare carefully for the shoot. A company profile video produced by Elevate Media Group can help your business reach its objectives by selling your story 24/7. Our team specializes in creating online video ads that will help you stand out from your competitors. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of online video advertising, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can create a video that meets your needs. Our online video ad agency can help you develop the best practices for creating an online video ad and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Videos in online advertising can help increase brand awareness and reach by showcasing your products or services to a wider audience.


Videos can help improve user engagement and retention by providing a more interactive and immersive experience for your audience.


Videos can help increase conversions and sales by highlighting the benefits and value of your products or services in a compelling and engaging way.


Social Media Video


A social media video produced by Elevate Media Group is a powerful way to build a strong brand and be used for various purposes, such as a general advertisement for your business, a highlight of a specific offer, or a call to action that can lead people to your website. Longform video content can easily be broken down into short-form social media content, which can increase sales and boost engagement. Users are often driven to make purchases through the level of participation in a crowdsourced campaign. At Elevate Media Group, we specialize in producing high-quality content for our clients on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our social media video marketing strategy and video ideas are designed to optimize your videos for maximum reach and engagement. Stay up-to-date with the latest social media video trends by partnering with us to create compelling content for your brand.

According to a study by Animoto, a video marketing platform, video content is shared 1200% more times than text and images combined.




Video is the most popular form of content on social media, with users spending 3 times longer watching a video than reading text.


Videos on social media are more likely to be shared and generate more engagement than other types of content.


Adding a video to a social media post can increase the chances of it being seen by up to 38%.

Do you have a story that you need to tell? Want to get your audience engaged in compelling and memorable visuals? Elevate Media Group has the resources and equipment to position your company, service, or brand to the front line. From TV commercials to informational long-form videos, product promotions, and interviews, let us tell your story.

The equipment from Elevate Media Group lets us record up to 6K resolution. This level of detail gives your consumers an in-depth look at your product or service without breaking the bank. The added resolution gives our team extra flexibility to ensure your video is perfect from beginning to end. Video is a great learning platform and provides a simple way to consume messages even for the most casual of viewers. Videos do not need to be long to be effective, as 73% of marketing videos are in the length of fewer than two minutes. Videos also do not need to be relegated to a single advertising platform. Brands are actively repurposing longer videos into bumper advertisements, for example as six-second videos are long enough for some to retain and build significant brand awareness. Simply put, video is a vital component for a well-thought-out marketing plan to succeed. The number of companies using video as a marketing tool has grown by 24 percent over the past three years, from 63 percent to 87 percent. If that trend continues, video content could reach all-time highs. Knowing this, Elevate Media Group challenges you to determine which side of the statistics you wish to fall on.

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