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Steve has always been passionate about media. Graduating from

UW-La Crosse with a double major in political science and public administration, Steve went on to work for multiple winning political campaigns as their Media Director. For two and a half years, Steve worked as a Creative Producer for the CBS affiliate in La Crosse, WI. There he won a Midwest Regional Emmy and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association’s highest honors for station promotion. Steve loves design and all the little bits in-between. From fonts to camera angles, Steve’s passion is media.

Media Specialist

Reese Godoy


My Favorites

TV Shows

  1. South Park

  2. Narcos

  3. Queens Gambit

  4. The Midnight Gospel

  5. Spongebob


  1. Scarface

  2. This is The End

  3. The Dark Knight

  4. Transcendence

  5. Ponyo


  1. 2Pac

  2. Mac Miller

  3. Frank Sinatra

  4. Tyler the Creator

  5. Frank Ocean

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