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La Crosse Regional Airport Case Study



Over the course of 2021, Elevate Media Group (EMG) had the pleasure of working with The La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE) on its website redesign. The website redesign focused on bringing a more updated look to the site while maintaining its usability. This allows for a top-notch user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. Continue reading to hear more about how we did it!

The La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE) officially took off back in 1946, yet the aviation industry has been prominent throughout the La Crosse area since the early 1900s. Though the airport itself has gone through numerous changes and updates over the years, one thing remains the same; its critical impact on travel for those in the Coulee Region. It’s estimated that over 180,000 travelers pass through the airport each year. For a small town of 136,000, that’s huge! The airport primarily acts as a link between major airport hubs, meaning flying from the smaller LSE airport to a larger one like Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Detroit, or Chicago. This is meant to save time and money in additional travel costs; like gas, hotels, tolls, and expensive parking.

Vintage plane
Vintage pilot


Elevate Media Group (EMG) has been lucky enough to partner with The La Crosse Regional Airport on many of its marketing initiatives over the past 4 years. Before the new website build, EMG worked to supply LSE with videography and photography, as well as graphic design services for use in their advertising campaigns.

As we all know, the pandemic was life-changing for virtually everyone all around the world. The travel industry lost over $935 billion since the start of Covid-19 in the spring of 2020₁. This devastation found its way to the Coulee Region, as LSE’s flight traffic dropped, slowing travel into and out of La Crosse. LSE took this downtime to reevaluate its current marketing strategy and enlisted Elevate to help.


  • Testimonials

  • Interviews


  • Storyboarding

  • Mockups

Graphic Design

  • Internal Signage

  • Digital Graphics  


  • B-Roll Videography 

  • Photography


  • Adobe Premiere

Event Production

  • Virtual / Hybrid Events

  • Live Events


  • Adobe After Effects


  • Headshots

  • Day in the Life 



Elevate Media Group was tasked with producing an TV spot that not only promoted The La Crosse Regional Airports convenient location but its amenities as well. Why stress? Relax and fly LSE. This airport is centrally located between three major cities: Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee making it the perfect place to fly in and out of. Plus, the airport offers complimentary Wi-Fi, on-site parking, and a variety of dining and shopping options so you can relax before your flight.


The TV spot, titled "RELAX", follows a family in two starkly different scenarios. In the first scenario, the family enjoys life, knowing that the airport is just minutes away. In the second scenario, the family is in a hectic race to pack and race out the door. The spot highlights the importance of being prepared for travel and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're only minutes away from the airport.


LSE and EMG spent time critically examining the former website, working to pinpoint areas needing change. Our goal was to provide LSE with a new visual experience that would allow users to plan and navigate the entire flight process. EMG worked diligently to produce a responsive website — resizing to the screen size the website is being viewed on.

LSE New Website

Elevate drew on its other service expertise to create LSE’s website redesign. EMG used aerial video as a way to greet both local and visiting guests to La Crosse on its homepage. EMG implemented this not only to improve the appearance of the website but also to boost user engagement and draw attention to it. Good videos entice visitors, which is exactly what a site wants. EMG also produced custom graphics that were consistent with LSE’s identity and made it easier to identify, explore, and digest vital information.

A website’s design is vital since your clients are concerned with aesthetics. It is no secret that everyone reacts to images, whether consciously or unconsciously. More so, good design naturally draws people in. When it comes to website design, studies repeatedly demonstrate that users judge your business off graphic quality, and will abandon your site if it is poorly designed.

A well-designed and polished website can make or break a business’s success, something LSE understood well. With the successful launch of the new website, LSE is able to offer a more cohesive web experience for their travelers.

To check out the new La Crosse Regional Airport’s updated website click this link:



During our multi-year partnership with the La Crosse Regional Airport, EMG created a video series that literally turned the city upside down. The goal of these advertisements was to emphasize the airport’s convenience as well as its ability to send you practically everywhere in a few flights.

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