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Children looking at the marsh in the background of the nature place logo

About The Nature Place

The Nature Place (TNP) is a nature-focused community center. Its environmental education programs, community programs, community science, and land stewardship engage children, families, & adults in meaningful experiences to connect, explore, and inspire. TNP's facility rental is available for life’s most important celebrations & doubles as a unique way to support what the nonprofit does. 

TNP had two brand guidelines for us to follow. One is for general use this is the bright colors and fonts from their logo. The other is for the events side of the company focusing on facility rental which is off-white and beige.


The Nature Place aimed to improve its social media presence to drive donations, increase sales, and attract talented individuals to join their organization. They also sought to establish a more cohesive and recognizable brand across various marketing materials, including social media flyers, posters, and banners. Additionally, The Nature Place desired professional photos to create a comprehensive content library.

Our Roles

Social Media

Graphic Design


Social Media

The Nature Place had specific goals with its social media. Although they did want some hiring posts, their main focus was sales. TNP had summer day camps running weekly from June through August and they wanted their social media to get get the word out and get signups for the camps. TNP has a rebrand when we started doing their social media, so Elevate was able to create a cohesive social media presence that was on-brand and professional.


TNP also wanted to post on their own with things that happen in real-time. At Elevate we encourage our clients to take charge of their social media while also staying on brand. To do this we created templates on Canva for our clients to use to stay on brand and still get the content they want out.

Both the events and normal TNP branding are shown below.

Facebook and Instagram

Stories for Facebook/Instagram


Graphic Design 

Elevate was able to launch TNP's cohesive rebrand by creating and redesigning the company's assets. Whether it be flyers, signs, banners, etc. We made or updated everything to create a cohesive brand. As seen below The Nature Place branding and event branding were used. Flyers, posters, and pamphlets are featured below.


The Nature Place had our photographers go to their facility fairly often due to their events schedule. During the summer months, a photographer was on-site at The Nature Place taking professional photos around 1-2 times a week with high-quality equipment. Next, our photographers would sift through the photos and find the top 20 from each shoot to edit. All the photos taken will still be in a library that our client can access at any time, but Elevate understands you hired us to have the creative eye and know what looks good. This saves your time sifting through pictures and makes sure the best ones are front and center. 

Elevate also used these photos for The Nature Place's social media content. 


By implementing these solutions, The Nature Place achieved remarkable results:

  • Increased Social Media Engagement: The organization experienced a significant rise in social media engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and direct messages. This enhanced engagement resulted in greater awareness, increased donations, improved sales, and a larger talent pool for recruitment.

  • Consistent Brand Recognition: The Nature Place successfully established a cohesive brand identity across various marketing materials. The unified visual elements and messaging strengthened brand recognition and facilitated a deeper connection between the organization and its audience.

  • Compelling Content Library: The professional photoshoot produced a diverse range of captivating images that showcased the organization's mission and values. The content library provided a wealth of visually appealing material for social media posts, website updates, and other marketing collateral, enhancing overall brand appeal and engagement.

In conclusion, The Nature Place successfully overcame the challenges of enhancing its social media presence, establishing consistent branding, and building a comprehensive content library. Through strategic planning, cohesive branding, and compelling visuals, they achieved significant growth in donations, sales, and recruitment while strengthening their overall brand presence in the market.

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