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Wiscorps workers in the background of the WisCorps logo

About WisCorps

Wisconsin Conservation Corps (WisCorps) empowers people to develop life-changing skills and connections while working to conserve and enhance our natural recourses. They focus on hiring and providing opportunities to those looking to work in conservation. Its mission is to develop leadership, self-confidence, and a strong work ethic in youth and young adults through the active stewardship of Wisconsin’s communities and natural resources. WisCorps, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) conservation corps headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin that engages youth and young adults in two areas: conservation projects and nature education.


WisCorps wanted to increase hires and establish a social media presence. It wanted to create general awareness of their mission and what they do to make sure their crews stay full and people from all around the US know about the program.

Our Roles

Social Media



Digital Marketing


Social Media

WisCorp's main objective was hiring. They wanted high-quality candidates who liked the outdoors and conservation. One of the set goals they had was to have 4 applicants for each job before hiring one. Elevate understood these goals and took the opportunities they could to capture photos to best get the word out to their target audience. Elevate was able to travel three separate times to a training camp facility to create a library of professional content to be used in social media. 

The Facebook posts created are a combination of job openings and explaining what WisCorps does. This was done to reach our client's goals and make their social media presence stronger.



To have a great social media presence WisCorps understood they need quality pictures. Elevate Media Group was tasked with taking high-quality photos and putting them in a library for WisCorps and Elevate to use too. 

WisCorp had Elevate come out on three separate day shoots to a camp where they trained their employees. This allowed Elevate to capture bulk content to be used as social media content for the next couple of months. This had to happen as WisCorps only has all their employees in one place for two weeks out of the year. Elevate was able to make it to three days and capture a lot of content. 


WisCorps' current social media is now getting them leads/new hires. They have a library of photos that they use for their website and other marketing materials. Elevate helped WisCorps meet its goals and have a stronger social media presence. A presence that not only hires for outdoor positions but also explains why WisCorps is so important and what they do.

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