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About Dairyland Power

Headquartered in La Crosse, WI Dairyland Power is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative. Dairyland serves as the supplier of wholesale electrical needs to 24 distribution cooperatives and 27 municipal utilities. These cooperatives and utilities are responsible for meeting the energy demands of members and consumers within a four-state service area, encompassing Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Their mission is to power their communities and empower cooperative members to improve the quality of their lives.


Dairyland Power Cooperative wanted a video to show a complex process across multiple locations and steps. It wanted something digestible for its consumers to get to know Dairyland and understand their offerings a bit better. It also wanted to exemplify its morals through the LACBWR project. Lastly, Dairyland was looking for an onboarding video to keep every new employee on the same page.

Our Roles

Company History Video

Recruitment Video

Promotional Video

Renewable Energy Promotional Video

The Renewable Energy Video highlights Dairyland Power's commitment to safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. The video shows that Dairyland provides answers to renewable energy questions given that renewable energy generation makes up 20% of what they do. Additionally, the video explains the different levels of renewable energy options available, helping its community make alternative energy changes. The video also emphasizes the importance of checking facts and ensuring the accuracy of contractor quotes by consulting with Dairyland Power. Finally, the video highlights how Dairyland can fit your electricity needs.

LACBWR History Video

The LACBWR History Video showcases Dairyland Power's commitment to safety and sustainability, even when it comes to the challenges of decommissioning a nuclear site. The La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor (LACBWR), a nuclear power plant, opened and started commercial operation in the '60s. However, due to not enough watts coming out of the plant, it needed to be closed down. Dairyland has incurred all storage costs along with the transfer and storage of nuclear waste, as the US government has failed to provide safe and permanent solutions for spent nuclear materials. Dairyland has filed and won lawsuits against the US government to help safely decommission and dispose of the material. The challenges of decommissioning a nuclear site show Dairyland's dedication to the safety of its employees and the public.

Onboarding/Recruitment Video

The Onboarding/Recruitment Video provides a comprehensive overview of Dairyland Power, including its company values and how they meet the energy needs of half a million people every day. The video emphasizes how cooperative principals guide everyone working at Dairyland Power, defining the organization's workplace culture. Owned and governed by the members they serve, Dairyland Power puts its members first. Safety is their top priority, with a goal of "zero by choice, everyone home safe every day." The video also highlights Dairyland Power's regional recognition for leadership in developing and implementing renewable energy projects, as well as its efforts to become a more sustainable energy company. The video explains all the different parts of the company and how each person matters, from those in finance and supply chain management to engineers. The onboarding video also provides a short section on Dairyland Power's history and how they became leaders in their area and pioneered the industry.


Elevate Media Group was specifically chosen by Dairyland Power for its marketing and production capabilities tailored to the energy industry. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional videos, Elevate Media Group stood out as the ideal partner for these projects. Their ability to effectively communicate complex concepts, coupled with their deep understanding of Dairyland Power's mission and values, made them the perfect fit. Elevate Media Group's expertise in crafting visually compelling videos helped showcase Dairyland Power's commitment to renewable energy, its dedication to safety and sustainability in decommissioning a nuclear site, and its cooperative principles. Its exceptional storytelling skills and knack for capturing the essence of an organization's culture and achievements set them apart, making Elevate Media Group the preferred choice for these projects.


In conclusion, Dairyland Power's collaboration with Elevate Media Group has resulted in three comprehensive videos that effectively showcase their commitment to providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity while prioritizing renewable energy, safety, and sustainability.

Overall, Dairyland Power's partnership with Elevate Media Group has effectively communicated its mission, values, and achievements through these videos. By demonstrating its dedication to renewable energy, safety, and sustainability, Dairyland Power has positioned itself as a leader in the energy industry. Their commitment to their community is evident not only through the provision of reliable electricity but also through their efforts to give back and pioneer advancements in the field.

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