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About Mullins

Mullins Cheese, based in Mosinee, Wisconsin, is the state's biggest family-owned cheese manufacturer and whey processor. For generations, they have strived to keep up with the times, creating not only classic cheeses but also exploring and producing new, value-added products.

Beyond their main business, Mullins Cheese also runs a retail store that sells a variety of products. Of course, they offer their trademark cheese curds, but they also have their own ice cream, whey protein isolate, and other items that cater to a wide range of customer tastes.

Now led by the fifth generation of the Mullins family, the business continues to uphold its commitment to product quality. With every passing year, they're dedicated to providing customers with the best and most unique dairy products they can.


Mullins was looking for a way to show their manufacturing process. The company also wanted to show off its rich history to its customers and prospective clients. It was also looking to upgrade its website into something of value for its customers.

Our Roles

Company History Video

Promotional Video for Cheese Production

Promotional Video for Whey Production


Photos and Videos for Website

Cheese Production Video

The first video produced for Mullins Cheese provided a detailed, yet simple overview of the cheese-making process. Filmed from a bird’s eye view, it condensed the complex operation spread across several buildings into an easy-to-understand format. The video broke down the process into stages, including milk collection, pasteurization, curd formation, whey separation, and cheese pressing, and emphasized the use of high-quality milk for superior cheese products. This informative video serves as a useful resource for potential cheese buyers, demonstrating Mullins Cheese's meticulous approach and commitment to quality.

Whey Production Video

The second video produced by Mullins Cheese was about whey production. Whey is a by-product of cheese production, and it's a valuable source of protein. Mullins Cheese uses advanced technology to process whey and produce whey protein isolate, which is then used to make various whey-based products. The video showcased the process of whey production, from the separation of whey from curd to the production of whey protein isolate. The video also highlighted the various applications of whey protein isolate, such as sports nutrition, and infant nutrition.

Mullins History Video

The third video from Mullins Cheese traces their journey from a small cheese factory to becoming a leading cheese manufacturer. It depicts the family's steadfast devotion to their craft, their continuous learning from trials and setbacks, and their readiness to take calculated risks. These core values, passed down through five generations, have been crucial in the family's success. The video serves as a tribute to the Mullins family’s enduring legacy in the cheese industry.

Mullins Website

In the process of building Mullins Cheese's website, we made three distinct trips to their plant to record vital video content. Throughout this endeavor, we collaborated closely with the Mullins Cheese team to guarantee we obtained all the requisite footage to make a dynamic and interactive website. This included capturing video of the intricate cheese-making process and the advanced whey processing facility.

After gathering the needed video content, our attention turned towards developing the website. We placed a strong emphasis on user experience during the design process, ensuring the site was both easy to navigate and intuitive for users.

We integrated the videos into the website to highlight different facets of Mullins Cheese's operations. This included showcasing their rich history, giving an inside look into their cheese production and whey processing, and offering details about their various cheese products. The website not only provides information but also immerses visitors in the complete Mullins Cheese experience.


We contacted Elevate knowing what we wanted to accomplish with our end product and they delivered. The experience was awesome. They are very respectful and thoughtful in their process and truly enjoy being a part of and learning your story. I look forward to working with them in the future.

- Luke Mullins


Over the course of the various initiatives, from the creation of informative videos to the development of a user-friendly website, we've strived to give viewers and site visitors an in-depth look at Mullins Cheese. We've shed light on their rich history, values, and the rigorous process behind their cheese-making, using a blend of engaging narratives and captivating visuals.

In each video, we've distilled complex processes into easy-to-understand formats, and in the website, we've ensured an intuitive user experience that encapsulates the essence of Mullins Cheese's operations. Through our efforts, we aimed to provide an immersive, informative experience that not only showcases the breadth of Mullins Cheese's work but also underscores its enduring commitment to quality and innovation.

The comprehensive digital representation we've created for Mullins Cheese serves as a testament to their legacy in the cheese industry. It reaffirms their position as a family-run business that is rooted in tradition, yet constantly evolving to meet the demands of the modern consumer. With every cheese curd and every wheel of cheese, Mullins Cheese continues to uphold its reputation as a premier cheese manufacturer, a legacy that is now vividly depicted through its digital presence.

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