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Media Specialist

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Reese Godoy Profile Picture 2023


Rooted in a deep passion for creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction, Reese has established a reputation for transforming images into unique pieces of art. He gained experience working independently as a Media Specialist for 3 years prior to joining our team. His portfolio spans a diverse array of photo shoots including portraits, family photos, product images, music videos, commercial videos, engagements, weddings, concerts, events, foods, restaurants, and more. He has had the privilege of working with outstanding individuals and organizations, constantly eager to connect with new clients.

My Favorites

Shiplap Wall

TV Shows

  1. South Park

  2. Narcos

  3. Queens Gambit

  4. The Midnight Gospel

  5. Yellowstone


  1. Scarface

  2. Legend

  3. Snowpiercer

  4. Transcendence

  5. Jumper


  1. 2Pac

  2. Mac Miller

  3. Frank Sinatra

  4. Peter Cat Recording Co.

  5. Goth Babe

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