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Scott Davies

Managing Partner

Scott Davies 2023 Profile Picture


Scott is the big picture leader of the company. He wanted to create a new and innovative media company. Elevate was formed by the combination of Soundframe Studios, EKPstudios, EKP Digital, and by partnering with their sister company, Skyframe Aerial. Scott brings a diverse business background to the company and is actively involved in the management, marketing and expansion of the business, as well as being an executive producer on many productions. He loves spending time with his wife and daughter and is very passionate about being involved in multiple
community organizations.

My Favorites

Shiplap Wall

TV Shows

  1. Shark Tank

  2. Blindspot

  3. NFL Football

  4. NCAA Basketball

  5. CNBC


  1. The Godfather

  2. Gladiator

  3. The Big Short

  4. The Matrix

  5. 21


  1. Metallica

  2. & many others...

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