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Factory part in beckground of Spartek logo

About Spartek

Spartek is a full-service custom plastics manufacturing company that specializes in vacuum metalizing and injection molding. With years of experience in the plastics industry, Spartek has established itself as a reliable and efficient partner for businesses looking for high-quality plastic products.

At Spartek, the team's goal is to deliver on time, every time, at the best possible price. They understand the importance of meeting deadlines and providing exceptional customer service to their clients. This dedication to customer satisfaction has helped them build long-lasting relationships with their clients, who keep coming back for their custom plastic needs.

One of the reasons why Spartek is a leading name in the industry is because of its investment in the latest technology. With automated systems in place, Spartek can produce millions of parts annually without manual handling from start to finish. This ensures that the products they deliver are precise, consistent, and of the highest quality.


Despite their years of experience and investment in the latest technology, Spartek faced a challenge in showcasing their assembly line and automated systems. They wanted to make the manufacturing process interesting and engaging for potential clients and hires. They also wanted to simplify the complex manufacturing processes of plastics into something that anyone could understand.

Our Roles

Social Media Video

Website Video

Recruitment Video

Social Media Video

Spartek understands the importance of social media in today's digital age. That's why they wanted Elevate’s help creating multiple social media videos to showcase their expertise in plastics and injection molding. These videos are specifically designed for Facebook and LinkedIn and use engaging visuals to highlight Spartek's capabilities and products. Each video shows off a different part of Spartek’s capabilities in plastics manufacturing. The videos were designed to be simple and informative capturing the wide variety of Spartek’s abilities.

Spartek: Socials 3
Spartek: Socials 2
Spartek: Socials 1

Website Video

Spartek also wanted a website video. This video is designed to provide potential clients an overview of Spartek's services, manufacturing processes, and products. This helps potential clients get a better understanding of what Spartek can offer and how they can benefit from their services. The video highlights the speed and efficiency Spartek has when manufacturing its products. Showing off how automated Spartek has made the process is key to Spartek’s potential clients. The automation and efficiency of the process make for a complicated and seemingly boring process. The website video is filmed in a way that made the process simple and easy to follow distilling the complex process and making it interesting.

Recruitment Video

Spartek is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join its team. To attract the right candidates, they wanted Elevate to create a recruitment video that showcases their company culture and work environment to potential employees. This was done through interviews with current employees to show a realistic job preview of what it looks like to work at Spartek.


With its investment in the latest technology and dedication to customer satisfaction, Spartek has established itself as a reliable and efficient partner for businesses looking for high-quality plastic products. Elevate was able to simplify these complex manufacturing processes through the videos they produced. The high-quality videos focusing on social media, website, and recruitment showcase Spartek’s expertise and capabilities, making them an attractive option for potential clients and hires.

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